Value to our clients

In years past we built a reputation of being more than just commodity brokers – some of our customers told us “you should start charging fees for your help”, so we started our Consulting Service. Since then, all our customers old and new get access to our research, methods and guidance when they face big decisions.

When choosing a Consultant, ask them “have you ever actually owned a business”? They will probably say something like “yes I own my consulting business” (in other words, no).  Ask them “have you ever actually started a company yourself”? They will probably say something like “I started my consultancy business” (in other words, no).  Why work with consultants who have never actually had a real job, started a company, owned a functioning business, or sold a company before?  We’ve done all that and continue to own and operate functioning businesses to this day. We love the business of international trade (import, export, distribution) and our passion is growing companies – Consulting for you is another exciting day at the office for us.

Upskilling our clients

Reduced stress for business owners and purchasing managers

Be Informed with Cycles, History Repeating and Technical Analysis from People who Actually Profit from it.

Market Alerts and Updates

Receive Monthly Analysis and Flash alerts

Geopolitics, Markets, Diplomacy – Trends and Turning Point Analysis